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We Cherish™ Cleaning Store Box

We Cherish™ Cleaning Store Box

Collects cleaning products in an organized, utilized and smart box.

Side mounted compact cleaning storage solution. Provides overview of stored thing and makes it easy to reach. Integrated support helps to store tall bottles safe. The box inside is removable and it is easy to take out and wash it.


  • Up to 8 tall bottles in the box.
  • Fits all sizes of cleaning products.
  • Left or right mounting.
  • Fits 3 and 5 mm holes, screws are included.
  • Flexible positioning of the hooks on the rails.


The Cleaning Store Box can be mounted on the left or right side of the cabinet and at a height that suits the user.

Flexible hooks that “snaps” on the railing on top and bottom of the box. Makes it easy to move and hang your cleaning cloths.

Smart holder for vacuum cleaner hose that can be moved along the side.



Silver RAL 9006

Anthracite RAL 7022

MAX load 8kg

Technical data
157 x 501 x 257