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We Cherish™ Cleaning To Go

We Cherish™ Cleaning To Go

Brings cleaning items on the go in a flexible and easy way.

A side-mounted compact cleaning solution with To Go function. Provides the ability to sort smartly in the box according to different needs and cleaning purposes. Intuitive to use and attach to the rail. Store in one place and use wherever needed.


  • Up to x3 Cleaning To Go Box on one rail.
  • Fits tall and low cleaning products.
  • Left or right mounting.
  • Fits 3 and 5 mm holes, self-tapping screws are included.
  • Flexible positioning of To Go Boxes.


Smart handle with a hook on the back to hang flexible on the rail but also possible to slide and move in depth to create space for another Cleaning To Go Box.

The Cleaning To Go Box can be lifted away and taken to the location where cleaning is to be performed.



Silver RAL 9006

Anthracite RAL 7022

3 kg per box, 9 kg total per rail.

Technical informations
Dimensions W×DxH (mm)
208 x 465 x 347
Nr 5204,11