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Spices & Boards

Spices & Boards

Organisation is an ingredient that will make any meal better. With this cabinet you can store your seasoning right next to your cutting boards.


Suited for spice jars and seasoning sachets. Smaller items can be stored in the box.


Suited for cutting boards, oven trays and grill grates.


• Upper two-sided support rail
• Moveable box
• Upper tray insert
• Lower one-sided support rail
• Lower two-sided support rail (height adjustable)
• Lower tray insert
• Adjustable door brackets
• Self adjusting Pull Out

Patent pending 


The lower tray is flippable. One side has a fluted surface to keep your cutting boards in place. The other side is flat which makes it suitable for bottles and other household items.

25 kg

Art no Cabinet mm Cabinet internal W×H×D mm Product W×H×D mm Shipping
8802,00 150 114-118×670×530 114-118×620×527 Flat pack
8807,00 200 164-168×670×530 164-168×620×527 Flat pack
8802,40 150 114-118×670×530 114-118×620×527 Assembled
8807,40 200 164-168×670×530 164-168×620×527 Assembled