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Basket Duo

Basket Duo

Exclusive basket in two parts for optimum logistics. The wire surround can be separated during transportation and can then be easily assembled again. Can be ordered with a soft close runner or without runner. The basket fits runner Sikai, Grass Dyna Pro 500 or Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion.

Surface treatment: white RAL 9003, silver RAL 9006, chrome




Sikai runner 16 kg, Grass runner 25 kg.

Variant Art no. Cabinet interior measurement Product size Sikai runner Product size Grass runner
400 cabinet 2543 362/364/368x505 mm 321x502x152 mm 321x502x156 mm
500 cabinet 2553 462/464/468x505 mm 421x502x152 mm 421x502x156 mm
600 cabinet 2563 562/564/568x505 mm 521x502x152 mm 521x502x156 mm
800 cabinet 2583 762/764/768x505 mm 721x502x152 mm 721x502x156 mm