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New Tray Rail

New Tray Rail

The story behind Tray Rail

When we created the product line for The Foundation, we had an idea that we needed to create two types of drawers. The first drawer was Tray Glass, a drawer with glass sides which provides the user with a unique visual access to the contents and a pure and airy expression. To complement Tray Glass, we wanted a more traditional style drawer but with the same visual identity and good visual and physical accessibility to a lower price.

The outcome of the project was Tray Rail. A drawer designed with a strict form language with very little organic forms to express the exclusive and modern sensation of The Foundation.

Tray Rail comes in several different sizes to match the markets wardrobe measurements. The design allows several parts to be the same, just by cutting the extruded aluminum profiles in different lengths. Hence, tool investment is kept low.

Out of an environmentally friendly and economic perspective, Tray Rail was designed with “flat-pack” in mind, meaning they are packaged very economically in comparison to the previous model. In this way, we can transport far more products in one shipment.


New Tray Rail is the drawer that adds an airy feel to your wardrobe!

  • Fits3 and 5 mm holes​
  • Fits 16–19 mm cabinet sides​
  • Metal rail sides​
  • Soft close​
  • Full extension​
  • White, silver and anthracite​
  • 400, 450, 500, 600, 800 mm 



Silver RAL 9006

Anthracite RAL 7022

20 KG

Art. no. Name MAX Load, Kg Cabinet internal measure WxHxD Product measure W×H×D
5285,11 Tray Rail Drawer 400 20 368x718x513 362-368x196x447
5286,11 Tray Rail Drawer 450 20 418x718x513 412-418x196x447
5287,11 Tray Rail Drawer 500 20 468x718x513 462-468x196x447
5288,11 Tray Rail Drawer 600 20 568x718x513 562-568x196x447
5289,11 Tray Rail Drawer 800 20 768x718x513 762-768x196x447