Our new mesh baskets makes your wardrobes content easy to find, yet elegantly concealed. Quite simply, the ideal way to store your folded clothes, underwear, socks and accessories.


Smooth roll out

Our new Roller runner is provided with moving wheels, which makes the baskets easy to pull out and push in. It also prevents the baskets from jamming.

Stable runners

The Flex runner is a simple yet stable and reliable glide runner. It provides a cost efficient alternative to our Roller runner.

No need for spacers

In order to avoid using spacers, we developed two different rails. The rails are specifically adapted to fit either 16 mm or 18 to 19 mm cabinet sides.

Practical drawer stops

All our mesh baskets are fitted with drawer stops. The drawer stops makes sure that the baskets stays in place and doesn’t get pulled out to far and falls down.

Three Colours

The Bac Mesh™ system is available in white, silver and anthracite.

Five Widths

The mesh baskets comes in five widths. Ranging from 400 mm up to 1000 mm.