Meet the lead designer for our new collection

Johannes Langer started out by working as a furniture carpenter in Bavaria, he then studied product management in Austria, and finally took a degree in industrial design in Sweden and got to work in the kitchen industry. For three years now, his hands-on approach and commitment to superior functionality and smart solutions has been put to work here at Pelly Components.


Tell us about the design process for this new collection?

The Dedicated™ collection is the result of a comprehensive analysis of everything that has to do with the preparation of food. By examining how people use their kitchens, what products they store in them, and how they would usually plan their kitchens, we discovered that the available space really wasn’t utilized as smart as it could be. Another thing we noticed was that that products often have an intended place in the kitchen, but still end up in an odd corner of the kitchen – ignoring the principles of an ergonomic kitchen layout. So, in close collaboration with kitchen manufactures and end users we were able to identify several problems that fueled us in our effort to create better storage solutions.

What makes the products in the Dedicated™ collection so unique?

Naturally, drawer systems makes up the lion share of every kitchen, because of their capacity and functionality. Therefore, smaller kitchen cabinets are often just used as a fitting piece. But our vision with this collection was to combine the superior functionality of the drawer with the narrow base units pull outs. By doing this, our customers now have the possibility to make an active choice in making their kitchen layouts more functional and ergonomic. In short, products can now be stored where they are needed and even the narrowest space in your kitchen can be utilized.

What constitutes good design?

For me good design is convincing without being obtrusive. Good design solves problems for the user and provides a maximum amount of aesthetic and functional value. This is especially true in my line of work, because when you´re designing kitchen products, you have to understand that the kitchen is a workspace, but that it also serves the purpose of a statement of individuality for the consumer.

How did you incorporate that into the Dedicated™ collection?

Concerning the aesthetics, our goal while designing the Dedicated™ collection was to create unique products in the spirit of Scandinavian design and to celebrate our Swedish roots. Every product also creates a new value for the customer by making the most out of their kitchens. The functionality being that they can now utilize every inch of their kitchens since each product has a dedicated purpose.

Are you working on further products for the Dedicated™ collection?

We are constantly monitoring changes and trends in the market. And our goal is to keep providing dedicated solutions to our customers and identify more needs and challenges in the kitchen environment that require new solutions.