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Pelly Components offers a wide range of products for kitchens, closets, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

This year we have several new products in our range. This includes:

  • A completely new side-mounted recycling system, New Recycling

  • A new clothes storage box, Tray Rail, which is part of The Foundation

  • A new Runner with improved rolling for Pelly Bac Wire & Pelly Bac Mesh

New Recycling System

Side mounted. Partly and full extension.

Recycling sorting is becoming more and more important in homes. With our new side mounted recycling we have focused on new design, function and almost endless combination for the end user. Side mounted with full extension or part extension. The product is rotatable for mounting to the right or left in the cabinet.

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The drawer that adds an airy feel to your wardrobe.

A drawer designed with a strict form language with very little organic forms to express the exclusive and modern sensation of The Foundation.

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New Pelly Bac Roller

A completely new and improved rail.

Runner adjusted to Pelly Bac Wire & Pelly Bac Mesh. By clicking the wheels on the back of the basket and attaching the runner in the cabinet you get a roller runner. The wire basket is purchased separately.