Handling of personal data and cookies

How we handle your personal data

The brand Pelly Components, (Pelly Group, Industrigatan 14-22, SE-335 04 Hillerstorp is responsible for the handling of your personal data such as name, postal address, e-mail address and mobile- and phone number. We handle your personal data accordance to the Swedish Personal Data Act. When using services from third party (such as Facebook) connected to our service offer, the third party´s policy applies. We will handle your personal data to be able to assist you with requests, marketing purposes such as emails, as well as to develop our products and services. Your personal data can be forwarded to third party in a way and to an extent necessary to fulfil our commitment to you in the form of, for example, contacts for quotations.

Personal data that is collected
As a lead in our marketing we analyze data related to your activity at  www.pellycomp.se and on social networks (for information about the cookies we use, see below). Our marketing can therefor in many cases be designed to suit you. We might save your personal data after a first contact with us for marketing purposes according to above. We consider you as a customer during your purchased products’ warranty period.

By filling in a contact form you agree to such handling of your personal data as stated above. As registered you have the right to receive information about what data we store and to have any false data corrected or to be deleted. For questions regarding the handling of the personal data we ask you to email market@pelly.eu or Pelly Components, Industrigatan 14-22, SE-335 04 Hillerstorp

Pelly Components takes no responsibility for, or guarantee, the quality, function or availability on the website or its content. We make reservations for changes in the assortment or errors on the website’s texts. Colors and material can differ from reality. In cases where we refer to third party we are not responsible for material or content on third party’s website.


About Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and contains information. It is used to make it easier for the visitor on the website. We do not save any personal data through cookies. You can adjust your settings on your browser if you don’t want cookies.

Make it easier
On pellycomp.se we use cookies to make the website more functional for you as a visitor. If you make any changes or choices on the website, information about this is saved as a cookie. Next time you visit the same website you don’t have to make the same choices/settings. The cookie informs the website that you have visited the website before and what settings has been made. If you make new settings/choices on the website, the old cookie is replaced to a new in your computer. The cookie is, due to practical reasons, used to make it easier for you as a visitor to a certain website.

The law about cookies
Enligt lagen om elektronisk kommunikation (SFS 2003:389) ska alla som besöker en webbplats med cookies få tillgång till information om att webbplatsen innehåller cookies och varför cookies används.

Two types of cookies
There are two types of cookies, both are used at pellycomp.se. One is stored only temporarily and disappears when you close your browser. This type of cookie is used when the visitor logs in/ at pellycomp.se. The other type is saved as a file on your computer during a longer time period and is used when you visit again. For example, it is used when you make settings under “Adjust”. Pelly Components do not save any personal information through cookies. Information about the visitor cannot be traced.

To avoid cookies
If you don’t want any cookies you can adjust the settings in your browser. However, you might then not get access to all pages on the website. You can set your browser to automatically deny storing of cookies or to be informed when a website requests to store a cookie on your computer. Through the browser you can also delete cookies that have been stored before. See the browser’s help pages for more information.