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New Recycling system side mounted

New Recycling system side mounted

New Recycling side mounted

Recycling sorting is becoming more and more important in homes. With our new side mounted recycling we have focused on new design, function and almost endless combination for the end user. Side mounted with full extension or part extension. The product is rotatable for mounting to the right or left in the cabinet.


Silver RAL 9006

Anthracite RAL 7022


Art no. Name MAX Load, kg Cabinet internal measurement WxHxD mm Product measurement WxHxD mm
6161,11 Side Recycling Duo 8+14L 10 280x330x525 270x294x513
6162,11 Side Recycling Duo 8+8L (full extension) 10 280x330x525 270x294x513
6163,11 Side Recycling Duo 8+8L (partial extension) 10 280x330x465 270x294x448
6164,11 Recycling door Single 8L 6 180x320x245 166x285x236
6165,11 Recycling door Single 14L 6 260x320x245 245x285x236
6166,12 Ventilated Wastebin 8L 6 N/A 236x272x158
50,20,212 Divider for Wastebin N/A N/A 236x272x158
6167,11 Recycling Kit 8+14L/1x8L Vent Full Ext 10 280x330x525 270x294x513
6155,11 Recycling Kit 2x8L/1x8L Vent Part Ext 10 280x330x465 270x294x448

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