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With the help of four bins, this cabinet allows you to organise all your recyclable waste.


Two bins suited for compost as well as combustible waste.


Two bins on a flip out tray suited for metals, glass, plastics and paper.


• 1 × 8 litre bin with handle and lid
• 1 × 14 litre bin with handle and lid
• 1 × 8 litre bin with handle
• 1 × 14 litre bin with handle
• Ergonomic side placement
• Flip out tray
• Superior stability
• Adjustable door brackets
• Soft close
• Self adjusting Pull Out
• The flip out tray allows for side placement, which is more ergonomic than traditional lean-over drawers.
• Removeable bins with lids makes emptying easy. All bins are also fitted with a functional rim that keeps your waste bags in place.

Patent pending 

30 kg

Art no Cabinet mm Cabinet internal W×H×D mm Product W×H×D mm
8816 300 264-268×645×558 264-268×640×550