2845 2892 Pelly Bac Vit 2845 2892 Pelly Bac Vit
Bac Wire with CC-flex Runner

Bac Wire with CC-flex Runner

A wire basket with many possibilities. Pelly Bac is a basket equipped with in- and out stop. The basket, in combination with our cc-flex runner, makes the basket stable and has a function that prevents the basket from falling down when it is pulled out. There is also a Pelly Bac shoe rack, see under shoe storage.

Surface treatment: white RAL 9003, silver RAL 9006, antracithe Ral 7022





15 kg

Variant Art. no. Cabinet Cabinet interior measurement WxD Product measurement WxDxH
Height 85 mm 2845 400 361-368x500 mm 336x494x85 mm
Height 85 mm 2855 500 461-468x500 mm 436x494x85 mm
Height 85 mm 2865 600 561-568x500 mm 536x494x85 mm
Height 175 mm 2846 400 361-368x500 mm 336x494x175 mm
Height 175 mm 2856 500 461-468x500 mm 436x494x175 mm
Height 175 mm 2866 600 561-568x500 mm 536x494x175 mm
Height 175 mm 2886 800 761-768x500 mm 736x494x175 mm
Height 175 mm 2892 1000 961-968x500 mm 936x494x175 mm