Wire surround - 3 rails

Exclusive wire surround that you mount on a solid base. The wire surround consists of three rails and can be found in three different colour schemes. White adapters for assembly comes with white wire surrounds and grey adapters comes with wire surrounds in silver and chrome. Can be ordered in different types: only wire surround, wire surround and solid base or complete with wire surround, solid base and runner with soft close.

 16 kg
Surface treatment: white RAL 9003, silver RAL 9006, chrome

Variant Art. No. Specification Product measurement WxDxH  
400 cabinet 5270 wire surround 313x496x95 mm
400 cabinet 5170 wire surround/board 324x502x142 mm
400 cabinet 5275 wire surround/board/runner 358x502x168 mm
500 cabinet 5271 wire surround 413x496x95 mm
500 cabinet 5171 wire surround/board 424x502x142 mm
500 cabinet 5276 wire surround/board/runner 458x502x168 mm
600 cabinet 5272 wire surround 513x496x95 mm
600 cabinet 5172 wire surround/board 524x502x142 mm
600 cabinet 5277 wire surround/board/runner 558x502x168 mm
800 cabinet 5274 wire surround 713x496x95 mm
800 cabinet 5174 wire surround/board 724x502x142 mm
800 cabinet 5278 wire surround/board/runner 758x502x168 mm