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We Cherish ™ - Produkter för tvättstuga och badrum

Vi ville ta ett nytt perspektiv på användningen av tvättstugan med smarta, praktiska men framför allt vårdande produkter för hemmet.

Kollektionen innehåller produkter med plats för förvaring av tvättmedel, rengöringsdukar, återvinning och plats för förvaring av rengöringsverktyg. Smarta funktioner, bra överblick och lättillgänglighet har varit i fokus.

Namnet vi gav samlingen skulle tala för sig själv, direkt till användaren. "We Cherish -Vi är här för dig och vi värnar om ditt hem".


In cleaning and laundry’s case, allot of the functional elements are
related to increasing the physical and visual overview of the furnished space while at the same time, providing the user with choices. Choices how to decorate their cabinet, where to put their products and while doing so, keeping the ergonomic aspects of the user in mind.
We came up with four words that we built We Cherish on:
Access, overview, utilization and unity.


After we launched our other collections The Foundation™ for wardrobe and Dedicated™ for kitchen, we have aspired to keep developing the new form language into more areas of the house to create a complete experience while still delivering highly functional products.
A step into the cleaning and laundry environment became a natural and obvious continuation of finding areas of use for our smart products.

Cleaning To Go

Brings cleaning items on the go in a flexible and easy way.

A side-mounted compact cleaning solution with To Go function. Provides the ability to sort smartly in the box according to different needs and cleaning purposes. Intuitive to use and attach to the rail. Store in one place and use wherever needed.

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Cleaning Store Box

Collects cleaning products in an organized, utilized and smart box.

Side mounted compact cleaning storage solution. Provides overview of stored thing and makes it easy to reach. Integrated support helps to store tall bottles safe. The box inside is removable and it is easy to take out and wash it.

Utility Holder

Ensures good attachment of utilities and quick access.

Utility holder is a side mounted compact cleaning tool storage solution. It has a excellent function to provide storage for mop and vacuum cleaner tube at easy-to-reach place and have space for smaller accessories like different nozzles.

Recycling Single Flip

Makes recycling easy, smart and compact to store.

Recycling Single Flip is a side mounted recycling unit that flips out and is intuitive to use. It is intended to be an extention for main waste and recycling management at home. The smart flip function supports easy access while tight placement is applied to save space.

Iron Holder

Perfectly fitted for ironing

The Iron Holder is designed to be visually appealing to fit well into the laundry room interior or other spaces close to the place where it will be used. With its spacious dimensions, it makes it possible for all kinds of irons, even larger ones, to be fitted, adapted and stored.

Pull-Out Ironing Board

Provides smart, flexible and compact ironing when pull-out in an easily movement.

The Pull-out Ironing Board has a new improved easy folding with a one-handed operation. It provides a smooth function, compact storing and “hide aways” in a drawer space. Developed to provide an easy, intuitive and fast preparation.

Pull-Out Drying Rack

Ensures that laundry can be hung for drying quickly and is accessible.

Pull-out drying rack provides essential function for drying clothes and is compactly stored in a drawer space. Its design are smart and compact, gives easy access and hide aways smoothely. Can be mounted near a washing machine for quick hanging and easy drying.

A strong purpose of the We Cherish collection is to make it useful for the user to adapt the cabinet to their own needs and preferences.
It is possible to combine the products for many different purposes and uses. Here we collect some thought-out combinations.

Ett starkt syfte med We Cherish-kollektionen är att göra det användbart för användaren att anpassa skåpet till sina egna behov och preferenser.
Det är möjligt att kombinera produkterna för många olika ändamål och användningsområden. Här samlar vi några genomtänkta kombinationer.

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